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Things took a terrible turn after 12 years of marriage when Deion filed for divorce back on September 23, 2011, claiming a lot of senseless reasons.They decided to settle disputes in their house at first but then again they couldn’t so they went for divorce which was finalized in the year of 2013.I am told that he is a very low key, very wealthy individual who prefers to keep his love life under wraps.I’m told that this recording executive based in Louisiana reaches into his deep pockets frequently and often to lavish Pilar with gifts and trips to faraway exotic locales.Deion claimed these to be a false accusation and hence, he won the case along with .2 million dollars of penalty.Pilar said she is in a lot of debt and cannot pay the penalty fine but going through her Instagram posts; she seems to be enjoying a lot of her time in the gym making a fit body.

Bryan, along with his brother Ronald “Slimm” Williams, founded hip hop powerhouse Cash Money Records in 1991.

We arrived at this decision prayerfully and carefully in order to be able to pursue what is in both of our best personal interests.” Although they agreed on being civil with each other, they kept on indulging themselves in petty feuds.

In 2014, Deion filed for another case in court for violating divorce rules which caused Pilar to lose the visitation rights of her kids.

Terezo Owens father claims that, We do hope that this is a new beginning for Pilar Sanders and she gets another chance at making things right again.

Pilar Sanders was previously married to NFL Hall of Fame Player Deion Sanders from the year 1999.

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