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I asked Vardalos if she ever considered making a trilogy? I asked her about the lack of good scripts and parts for women older than Jennifer Lawrence.“I’m never going to say no again because I said no for so long, so I’m going instead to say this, ‘I’m open! “I think there’s a value to Jennifer Lawrence because she speaks to a generation and there’s a value to every age of woman on screen and I just can’t whine about it that there aren’t roles for women,” Vardalos told me.So I made a record and..Nashville community really embraced me.But I gotta tell you, after a couple of years of being out on the road with three other guys in a van..have a real appreciation of somebody coming to your trailer door and saying, "Mr. [The ‘Regis and Kelly’ comment] — it just happened.” John said marriage is something he thinks about in tandem with rearing a gaggle of children, which is (SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen ‘SATC 2’ yet!) something his character Aidan Shaw in “SATC 2” has after finding a wife following his past TV series split with Carrie Bradshaw.The men are well taken care of in this script as are the women. ” Up next she said was the Epix series, “Graves,” co-starring Nick Nolte and Sela Ward and written by Josh Stern. She told me exclusively: “I’m developing a play Off Broadway,” she said. I’m sorry I can’t tell you the title yet.” When reminded her 11 year-old daughter would soon be a teenager, Vardalos whine, “God I know!” Vardalos graciously posed for the inevitable endless selfies – the New York junket corps are as bad as the Hollywood Foreign Press when it comes to fawning over celebrities – and finally announced, “I’m going to shuffle off now in my slippers.” As for Corbett, before exiting he said he was returning for the second season of the F/X comedy, “Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll.” “We’re shooting right now.” Corbett, who’s dated Bo Derek for more than a decade, was asked if there was any chance he’d change his mind about marriage and fatherhood.

Self-deprecating and warm, Vardalos is slender and petite and looked great in a short, greenish cocktail dress.

As for the frustrating lack of good roles and stories of older women, she told me, “It’s maddening. If Sandra Bullock is trying to find a job imagine how hard it is for me?

And Lainie Kazan and Andrea Martin, so I say I’m pro-woman without being anti-man.

When Toula's parents find out they were never officially married, another wedding is in the works.

Can this big, fat, Greek event help to bring the family together?

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