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Understanding the risk factors associated with domestic violence will help you frame some of your own local analysis questions, determine good effectiveness measures, recognize key intervention points, and select appropriate responses.Risk factors do not automatically mean that a person will become a domestic violence victim or an offender.Domestic violence, generally, has high levels of repeat calls for police service.[33] For instance, police data in West Yorkshire (United Kingdom) showed that 42 percent of domestic violence incidents within one year were repeat offenses, and one-third of domestic violence offenders were responsible for two-thirds of all domestic violence incidents reported to the police.It is likely that some victims of domestic violence experience physical assault only once and others experience it repeatedly[34] over a period as short as 12 months.[35] British research suggests that the highest risk period for further assault is within the first four weeks of the last assault.[36] Offenders convicted of domestic violence account for about 25 percent of violent offenders in local jails and 7 percent of violent offenders in state prisons.[37] Many of those convicted of domestic violence have a prior conviction history: more than 70 percent of offenders in jail for domestic violence have prior convictions for other crimes, not necessarily domestic violence.[38] Although there is a popular conception that the risk of domestic violence increases when a couple separates, in fact, most assaults occur during a relationship rather than after it is over.[39] However, still unknown is whether the severity (as opposed to the frequency) of violence increases once a battered woman leaves.Although some overlap is likely, particularly under the theory that many batterers are generally violent, not enough is known because of the types of studies undertaken.This webpage, focused on Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), is geared towards health, behavioral health and integrated care leadership, providers, and patients/consumers.(Reference: NISVS) According to research focusing on female victims by Johns Hopkins University, one of the most widely recommended interventions for abused women is safety planning.Recognizing that all genders and sexual orientations experience IPV, safety planning can be an applicable strategy for all IPV victims.

children, resources, confidentiality) • Reduce the risk for lethal violence All types of trauma, including IPV, can have serious effects on health (see listing above), behaviors, relationships, work, and other aspects of life.In addition to information and resources on IPV, this page provides links to resources on Trauma and Trauma-Informed Approaches, as well as Suicide Prevention, that we encourage you to explore.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), IPV is a serious, preventable public health problem. Data from the 2010-2012 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) indicate that nearly one in four adult women (23 percent) and approximately one in nine men (11 percent) in the U. report having experienced severe physical violence (e.g., being kicked, beaten, choked, or burned on purpose; having a weapon used against them; etc.) from an intimate partner in their lifetime. report having been stalked by an intimate partner, and nearly half of all women (47 percent) and men (47 percent) have experienced psychological aggression, such as humiliating or controlling behaviors.A trauma-informed approach can be used in any human services setting.IPV is a very complex issue that requires behavioral and health care providers to be educated and informed about best practice approaches to care.

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