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Then she either has abortion secretly, followed by getting married being not virgin, or she keeps a child and forces him to marry blackmailing him.Another option is to remain alone with a baby and without any chances to get married.He told me that in her presence, my jaws were about falling on the table, while his wife took that bull shit on trust.Later, of course, I told him everything I think about him and about power of his imagination, advising him to be more creative next time.Moreover we still have that psychological phenomenon about “no sex before marriage� On the other hand Tash MI 2 is actively operating along with that phenomenon … so these mutually exclusive things somehow get along in our country.

This is a translation of the article which originally appeared on Live Journal website. [Update 29 August, 2012: This post continues to be controversial and attract comments, even five years later. ] So, imagine there is a charming young lady, physiologically ready for “exploits”. There is basically following: “No sex before marriage, because it is not permitted?Most probably she has a little idea about contraception.As for our men, they just don’t like it and say the same excuse like everywhere.For years, most of single men and women have met and married together because of the lack of choice!And the chances of a successful marriage were dropping each day.

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