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Just for Seniors This extensive list of blogs illustrates just how varied blogging entertainment can be. It appears if you are Latino, worked hard all your life, saved your money, and are a legal citizen, you are penalized by not qualifying for culture-based community care. I have checked out many of them and found quite a bit of useful information. I also have what I believe is a great play list of songs that one can listen to while reading the posts. Dear Mary- Thanks for this great list- I have bookmarked it for the future. Would love to see more Medicare and Medicaid resources/information on it though. Like a good liver cleanse, ranting helps me to flush out my cranky zones. My vibrant 89-year-old Dad speaks English but would be more "alive" among more of those of his culture. I'd like to suggest adding two additional resources: Gifts for Seniors Blog and our store, Senior, which offers practical household helpers and gifts for seniors. My blog is about outfits, aging and cancer caregiving. For Medicare, you might add Medicare Resource Center blog at Humor We can't stop the aging process, but these funny blogs help us enjoy the lighter side of it.Technology Computer use among seniors continues to grow.Let these informative tech blogs help you expand your knowledge base. and Sex In spite of what your adult children may think, seniors enjoy a social life, too.Health & Safety There are more places to look for answers than there are questions about senior health. Alternative Lifestyles With increasing tolerance for alternative lifestyles, seniors have a chance to express what they were once forced to hide.You have the perfect medium to support these poor families.

Some have already established brand, while others are still waiting to be discovered. There are really good blogs with huge potential out there – even if they are not on the top of the list. USA CANADA MEXICO GUATEMALA BELIZE HONDURAS EL SALVADOR NICARAGUA COSTA RICA PANAMA CUBA DOMINICAN REPUBLIC CAYMAN ISLANDS TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS ARGENTINA BRAZIL BOLIVIA CHILE COLOMBIA ECUADOR PERU NOTE: Blogs in Part 1 and Part 2 are listed by monthly views, according to data taken from the Worth Of Web.

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We’d also appreciate if you could consider checking our site and maybe adding it to your list – it would help a lot, since we are a relatively new site. João, Thank you for putting together this great resource.

We write about and photograph our adventures, the people we meet, the places we see and offer advice, tips and resources for traveling and living a balanced life. In general, my blog offers tips and advice on the countries I have visited, shares pictures and resources for traveling.

While there’s a lot of work to be done I hope readers will find this information useful. Cheers, Ivan Fabulous list, we would love to be a part of this please.

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