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The church and its clubs could lose access to campus if the charges are upheld.The student complaint calls Hope a “bona fide cult” that showers new recruits with attention and affection — a tactic known as “love-bombing” — and then uses twisted Bible quotes and psychological manipulation to keep them in line.The Star received a copy from a complainant on the condition that names of students — whose identities are protected by federal law — would not be disclosed without their consent.It isn’t clear how long the investigation will take.In another 2013 complaint, residents of a dorm on ASU’s downtown campus reported being badgered for their contact information by a “cult-like” group.

AZ PROFESSORS: Donald Trump's immigration executive order is un-American Vale and other church leaders maintain the ASU complaint was manufactured by a former Hope employee who has raised concerns about the church on social media.

He and other Grace pastors appear regularly in Hope advertisements praising the Tempe church and its leadership.

Hope’s critics say the outside pastors are seldom on site and don’t see what goes on day-to-day.

It says the church uses five ASU student clubs as “front groups” to solicit new members. Hope advisory board member Gary Kinnaman, a former megachurch pastor in the Phoenix area, said Hope’s leaders had authoritarian tendencies when the church was founded in 2004. Perhaps in some cases,” said Kinnaman, who now runs a religious consulting firm and is an occasional guest preacher at the church.

Since then, Kinnaman said, he and other pastors have been helping Hope create a “kinder, gentler ministry.”“Has Hope been controlling? “However, Hope’s board and advisers have recognized this tendency, have addressed it formally, have outlined changes Hope needs to make, and Hope has made those changes.”Kinnaman helped set up a Phoenix-area support group for evangelical pastors, known as the Grace Association, whose leaders have been working with Hope almost since its founding to help the church adopt healthy practices.

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Public records also show that Hope, which takes in more than $1 million a year in donations, has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in free rent from taxpayers since 2008.

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