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Flat allows users to view annotated Fo Li A documents and enrich these documents with new annotations, a wide variety of linguistic annotation types is supported through the Fo Li A paradigm.XStatic-angular-ui-router ------------------------- angular-ui-router javascript library packaged for setuptools (easy_install) / pip.Binstream is used for serializing and deserializing basic types. Another way to think of Brain Freeze is that it's a plugin for proxying properties on one-to-one related objects.

Shortcut tags let you easily add breadcrumb trails and icons to your apps.This module provides code that can parse exported configurations from Mikrotik devices, and create the script that represents the necessary commands to reach a target configuration.This code is used by the `mkr_config` Ansible module, so that it can idempotently manage the configuration of Mikrotik routers.antiparser is an API/framework for generating random, malformed data for use in fuzzing and fault injection of network protocols and file formats.This package is used to visualize the BGP Autonomous Systems and draw the interconnections between them. Binary Reader and Binary Writer classes, and is useful as a bridge when exchanging data with the . Brain Freeze is an SQLAlchemy plugin that supports object composition (as opposed to class inheritance).Also it colors the operators ASN in each country and the upstreams and downstreams services providers. Google for "composition vs inheritance" to get the general idea.

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