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"I'm a big fan of it, it helped me a lot." Doug Duncan The Maryland politician made his struggle with depression part of his public story.

While filming the show, Hemmis found herself sleep-deprived, but not because she wasn't getting to bed on time.Emiy Procter, who stars in CBS's hit show, "CSI: Miami," obviously isn't confused as to which car she's racing in during this year's event in Long Beach.Families get the home-repair treatment from a team of designers in this popular spin-off from the personal-makeover hit. ' takes a closer look at the work done on each house.Tipper Gore The former second lady and author revealed in the late '90s that she suffered from depression but made a full recovery. Art Buchwald Known for his sharp wit in the syndicated columns he penned for The Washington Post, the humorist also dealt with depression and manic depression (now known as bipolar disorder), which landed him in the hospital in 19.Gore sought medical treatment in order to deal with her illness, believed to be brought on by an almost-fatal car accident involving her son. He detailed his struggle with the illnesses in a 1996 interview on "Larry King Live," which generated more public interest than any show King had previously done.

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With Lincoln we have a man whose depression spurred him, painfully, to examine the core of his soul; whose hard work to stay alive helped him develop crucial skills and capacities, even as his depression lingered hauntingly; and whose inimitable character took great strength from the piercing insights of depression, the creative responses to it, and a spirit of humble determination forged over decades of deep suffering and earnest longing. Rowling was experiencing clinical depression when she wrote the first book in the series.

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