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Human version: Fitbit, an activity tracker that monitors steps walked, heart rate, and sleep quality, among other data points.Dog version: Whistle, a GPS-enabled tracking device that attaches to a dog’s collar to monitor activity level.The latest example: Embark, a DNA kit startup company for dogs, which just raised .5 million in seed funding.Much like its human equivalent, 23and Me, (founder Anne Wojcicki participated in the seed round), Embark sells 9 mail-in kits.

Founders, take note: if you’re looking for a startup idea, try recreating a successful on-demand tech company’s business model, just…for dogs.

After 2 years apart these ginger cuties are picking up right where they left off, romping and snuggling once again!

Cathleen Cavin met Brian Herrera through an online dating app in April 2015.

Human version: Uber, an app that allows users to request a ride via smartphone.

Dog version: Wagwalking, an on-demand app that allows users to request dog walking sessions via smartphone.

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Human version: Instacart, an on-demand grocery delivery service.

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