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I let them to decide the moment (the time) when my message/messages, photo/photos, pic/pics, will be erased/deleted on MS site 3.

I agree that my message/messages – photo/photos – pic/pics can be erase/delete any time by Silverauthentic Team ! I agree through this e-mail to accept that my account from MS site, videlicet (namely) my e-mail address posted on site, my Yahoo public profile and the “Account status” button (that menu under the name display from my profile), can be erase/delete by Silverauthentic Team anytime with no any announce from them ! Through the words “Account status: inactive” used by Silverauthentic Team, i understand and i agree through this e-mail that if my account will be erased/deleted from MS site, will be erased/deleted ONLY my e-mail address who is posted on MS site, my public profile Yahoo and the link “yes” (near the virtual button menu “Online Contact” who appear under “Photo album” from my account-profile) I agree that my message posted by me through Silverauthentic Team will stay long time on site, or ever, or how time decide the Silverauthentic Team so that do not disturbe the pagerank value of their site ! I agree through this e-mail that if my account from MS site will be erased/deleted, my message/messages – photo/photos – pic/pics WILL REMAIN on MS site for prevent the decrease of the MS site pagerank !

If I have no money, I agree to acces the site many times, for to help to remain in tops.

I agree that my moral obligation is to click on those the “AICI”-s from the MS homepage, that mean that I accept to click sometimes or when I have free time on the MS vote-links for to help to remain in tops 8.

I agree that I will can write to them to explain that problem, but I will can not accuse them, for this !

(only if want us or only if you agree to make a donation to our site ! If you want Premium account YOU MUST MAKE OBLIGATORY DONATION TO US !

) If you don’t want this or if you not accept our conditions, please DO NOT SEND ANY TEXT/MESSAGE OR PHOTOS TO ADMIN ENGLISH VERSION !!!!


I agree do not ask Silverauthentic Team to erase my account on MS site than solely if (only if) I accept to make a donation for MS site 2.

I agree that Silverauthentic Team not have obligation to erase/delete my message/messages or my photo/photos or my pic/pics posted by me via them (through Silverauthentic Team) on MS site.

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It’s ONLY A APPRECIATION MOULD (a appreciation form) for their effort !

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