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I know Hidalgo and Quiapo, in general, is notorious as one of Manila’s shabby and crime infested areas (full of pirated CDs/DVDs, counterfeit electronics, snatchers, garbage).I was surprised myself when I found out that it is highly recommended by other photographers in the Philippines as a place to find a wider range of photographic/videographic equipment at a cheaper price than in malls.To get to Hidalgo take the Yellow Line to Carriedo Station.Exit and walk to SM Carriedo, go through the store, exit and that puts you in the neighborhood.Meaning, if you need to have it fixed/replaced, you won’t be able to do it in just any service center of your camera brand, but only in the store where you bought the camera. Using the Google map as a reference, walk further along Carrideo St., at the first intersection you will find SM Quiapo to your right. When you exit, you will be somewhere in front of Watson’s and Henry’s. There’s a Banco de Oro branch along the street to your right, in front of it is Mayer.If you want to check camera/lens prices before your visit, follow the links to online sellers listed on this page.The price difference if you were to buy a camera in Hidalgo Quiapo as compared to most stores in most cases is significant.In a store here in SM City Iloilo, the difference is enough to cover my round trip airfare to Manila and a few days’ expenses.

Another option is buying from reputable online camera stores.

I took a look online and the price difference between the Hidalgo stores and other places is as much as 0 U. It turns out my camera wasn’t really fixable for a reasonable price. The good news is that I was able to buy a new lens for my Nikon DSLR for less money!

Before you head to Quiapo, you may want to check if they do have available stocks just to make sure you are not gonna waste your time.

If you’re wondering why the stores in Hidalgo Quiapo sell it for such a low price.

It’s because space rentals in Quiapo are much cheaper and because they sell most items with a local/store warranty. To get there, ride the LRT (Yellow Line) and get off at Carriedo Station.

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