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A compulsive liar feels that it is but natural to lie, so he is actually afraid of facing up to facts. He wants to believe the lies that she made up, so much so that she sometimes believe it to be true. Usually, compulsive liars develop this habit at an early age and it is carried on to their adulthood.Compulsive liars usually experience jealousy and fear towards other people.He will also feel that since they are so used to lying, they can easily see through the deceit of other people.Thus, they show an air of authority, and they think that other people will never see through their lies.

And what's really funny is that I have no idea what the heck the word I'm saying is. The word is pronounced as spelled and it's, GANASYEAPUESH.

Before he finally reaches adulthood, he is at a very awkward stage where it takes very little to wound his fragile ego.

As a result, he makes up stories about his family background, and lies about himself.

He continually repeats sentences over and over and over even though I am responding to him.

Is this normal with SPD children or is something else going on?

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