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In this way, chatrooms became learning tools for a world where there were far more options — a coup for IRL wallflowers — for how we speak to each other now.They laid the foundation for online dating, texting and social networking, but with a layer of innocence.By the time I was about 12 years old, it quickly became apparent that there was an entire world of social interaction happening right under my nose — on the internet.Like an elementary classroom secret, this online world began to spread.until your dial-up connection kicked you off, you could talk to your crush on MSN Messenger with only a monitor between you.Entire romances lived and died in those square boxes, some going all the way from a simple A/S/L intro to cybersex.

Forget saying hello, you could pop into any room, type “A/S/L” and that was you, at least for however long you were logged in.

We were on the cusp of discovering not just a new technology, but each other in new ways.

They were high school online, with the bonus of being able to log on and off.

You didn't like the interspecies animal friendship photo I shared with you?

Some common ones: family, friends, crushes, annoying family members, frenemies, kinda cute, future husbands, love bunnies, BFFs, straight bitches, hos before bros.11. " This would come at you from randos on the regular.

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While chatrooms still exist, they have a much seedier reputation now, thanks to the advent of To Catch a Predator and Chris Hansen (“Why don’t you take a seat over there? This was the ’90s, before firewalls and parental controls.

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