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Note: You will need a computer with internet access to view the presentation.You may listen using a phone or your computer speakers.Continue Reading “Why does it seem that an autistic child doesn’t retain words that he has spoken before?” — Paul Hi there, Thank you so much for your question.National Convention provides the chance for you to network with other families, service providers, and members of the ASD community.

Continue Reading Disability awareness training needed Since 2014, there has been an increased national awareness regarding how police interact with the public during arrests and emergency situations. During search and rescue missions, crime scene investigation, medical emergencies, and human services investigations, the way in which police and other first responders serve…Continue Reading Encouragement speaker Derrick Hayes gives an AUTISM interview by asking six questions through each letter in the word AUTISM to give readers an insightful perspective from parents, experts, entrepreneurs, and other leaders in the field.Today’s AUTISM interview is with Gena Mann, who is an autism mom and cofounder of a website called Wolf Friends,…Continue Reading HEALING WITHOUT HURTING: Treating ADHD, Apraxia, and Autism Spectrum Disorders Naturally & Effectively Without Harmful Medication In this time of great urgency, the number of children being diagnosed with attention deficient hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and their co-morbid conditions—such as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), depression, impulsivity, and aggression—is growing exponentially. Continue Reading I didn’t ever see myself creating the best solution for children learning to tie their shoes. Tera Girardin has been a child and family photographer in the Twin Cities for 12 years.During my final year in college I began working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. After her own son was diagnosed with autism seven years ago, she felt compelled to photograph children with autism and tell their stories. Continue Reading Having a child with language delay can be a challenging and fear-provoking experience for most parents.

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Assistive Technology can be reused, repurposed and recycled.

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  1. Hi there Our kids spend quite some time on MXIT and this really hit home... Die jongste voorval wat Bolhuis ondersoek, is di van ’n 16-jarige meisie van ’n Pretoriase horskool wat al ses dae lank vermis is.