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Riku e Sora eram amigos, isso era verdade, Mas com o tempo as coisas mudam. Quinto ano, Harry descobre que pode engravidar, também descobre que se sente apaixonado pelo seu rival de escola, o que ele irá fazer? Tempos depois a humana é assassinada e ele tido como culpado,tendo que deixar tudo para trás, porém o destino ainda guarda muitas surpresas,as quais sua vida vão mudar Presente de Niver pra minha grande amiga Jú Olveira, também conhecida aqui como Serena Fairy, Muitas, muitas felicidades para vc mocinha, rsrsrsrs. Quanto tempo há até o esperado finalmente acontecer. Cap5,6ONHBP Spoilers, Harry and Draco find themselves forced together by a manipulating government.

Durante as ferias, uma brincadeira faz com que os sentimentos comecem a deixá-los ainda mais confusos. Se declarar ao rival ou se suicidar, pois não achava que fosse capaz de ser correspondido pelo rival. Bom a fic tah completamente OCC, com um Ron extremamente passivo e um Sevie estremamente possessivo,rsrsrs Um garoto perturbado foge de sua cidade e de seu passado, levando em suas costas apenas as más recordações de seus dezesseis anos de sofrimento e abuso. [SLASH TROYx RYAN]SLASH HARRY & CEDRICO Perturbado com o relacionamento de seus melhores amigos, Rony e Hermione, Harry se surpreende ao encontrar apoio e carinho nos braços de outro garoto. Fala sério, quem é que não gostaria de ir a Hogwarts? [cap 05 ON]Troy looks over his relationship with Ryan and realizes that he hasn't been really fair to him. The two are bound against their will and now must depend on eachother. W: Slash Mpreg It has been about three years since Sasuke left, now he is back and looking for something or someone from the Leaf Village. Sasu Naru MPreg if you don't like Mpreg then don't read, that is my only warning Fic localizada no mundo trouxa, UA.

It is only when they come upon a very unusual group of survivors do they discover the origin of Glenn's strange illness. There are some things about the wesen world that even Nick cannot wrap his head around. To forget the soldiers went out to dance, soon it changing into something far more intimate. And will it for once not stay with the usual kisses? Jack and Jamie both love each other but are too afraid to admit it for fear of rejection. Sometimes we do things, say things that we don't mean because we're scared. Será que o jovem Potter está pronto para tudo isso? Poor Harry and Draco are in for a tough year...established RHr, DH, mentions of SD, CG, and NL.

Like the concept of giving tributes to the local Royal. This fear causes a rift to appear between them, with Jamie ignoring Jack. Sometimes we can't fix the wounds we inflict on others. Ron e Harry descobrem algumas revistas com temas "adultos", isso os leva a aflorarem sua sexualidade, os levando a debater sobre sexo, os desejos, os hormônios estão a mil e eles compartilham de momentos cada vez mais íntimos. Draco I have edited this, but my friend wants to make it better if it still bad.. Será realizada uma peça no final do ano escolar, os atores seram escolhidos, cada qual de sua casa, Harry e seus amigos estão no sexto ano, e não imaginam a surpresa que os espera. [Tradução] Draco decide que seria engraçado espirrar tinta pelas vestes de Hermione. SLASH.[reposted and COMPLETE] What if magic never existed?

Eleven/Rory, background Amy/Rory HP chars in the Sleeping Beauty world.

King James and Queen Lily are gifted with a son, but Harry was cursed at birth by the evil wizard Voldemort.

The best one to use in my view is the traditional Nestle Dessert chocolate (neither to sweet, nor to bitter…

When Harry found the injured eagle in his Uncles backyard, he had no idea helping it would result in a life of joy and love. It's Glen's dirty little secret and Daryl might not remember in the morning. Ron watches his best friend go through some very bad dating experiences, while going through some awkward ones of his own.

And you're in a FUBAR situation when they won't let you return to your time. Don’t read it if you don’t like slash, and DON’T FLAME ME, PLEASE.. Years ago a contract between the Malfoy's and Potter's was formed and now it's time for Harry and Draco to fulfil that contract. Harry a eu un accident et se trouve transformé en chat! Dentro da Casa de Aquário, onde Camus perguntase: Seria ele uma forma de Eros?

Desmond realizes firsthand why both Altair and Ezio won't let anything get away from them... Hopefully a new spin on the whole 'Draco and Harry are forced to be together' thing. DM/HP-Scoundrel, libertine, whore: words often used to describe Draco Malfoy, but what happens when the man who seeks only to conquer new lovers, gets bored and chooses a more difficult target? Et ce n'est pas le pire, il se retrouve entre les mains de son ennemi. Hermione procura por Bichento, no entanto sua busca acaba em confusão, resultando numa dentenção junto com Draco Malfoy.

Melt the chocolate and the knob of butter in a saucepan that you place in another saucepan of hot water (hot water bath / bain marie).

Remove from the saucepan of hot water as soon as it is soft. Place the egg whites in a bowl and add a pinch of salt, then whip up the egg whites until stiff.

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