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Ruin Life Tactics are essential to know in order to push any unstable target to things which makes the attacker(s) piss themselves with glee.It is a combination of Trolling, Stalking, and sometimes IRL bullshit if the target lives close enough to other co-conspirators.Below is a list of places where you can sign them up for free tampons, just remember that these sorts of things are sometimes limited and may be defunct. PROTIP: Walmart samples are a great option for targets in the USA.They always have 5 samples (usually tampons, pads, or diapers) rotating out.

He will eventually stop answering the phone, or even disconnect it... There is always the mail to keep your target informed about your latest plot about how you are going to climb on his roof and shit down the chimney.Fast food bombing consists of sending copious amounts of fast food to a target.The food is delivered to the target's place of residence or business, where they will have to deal with a delivery order of 4 large pepperonis and a side of Coke and garlic bread.If the target has a sense of humor, these are just about as annoying as anything else you could sign them up for.However, if the target is lacking in the humor department, this is quite possibly the best weapon we have at our disposal other than gay porn.

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  2. When my profile was still up I did message him while he was online and made a little joke about him being there one day and his response was that when people make the effort they at least deserve a polite ‘no thank you’…but that’s been a month ago.